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Platex Beaver

Looks like Playtex had a little fun recently when deciding how to promotes it’s Fresh Wipes With Beavers, Peckers, Peaches & Knobs. They did so with a little comedic word play referencing sexual hygiene.

The first Ad above says “A CLEAN BEAVER always FINDS MORE WOOD” – hmmm, I think we need to test this claim!


The next ad (another vagina reference, in case you’re keeping score) says “A CLEAN PEACH always GETS PICKED” – Oh, is that so? Are these Georgia Peaches by any chance?

Platex Beaver

The third ad reads “A CLEAN PECKER always TAPS IT” – yeah buddy!


Last, but not least, another Platex ad reads “A POLISH KNOB always GETS MORE TURNS” – Oh, yeah, and lots of germs from everyone touching the dam thing! Careful what you wish for guys!

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  • Erica 2 years ago

    I think this was meant as a joke and they are not actually going to use these. I am sure they were just playing around to see what they could come up with.

  • To do MARKETING…they always find a way to sell their unnessary products… And women are a ? Target to peruse their dreams! I want to know what people did 50- 100 years ago ? Did they need to use such a products such as playtex wipes ?! …
    Unfortunately, some people spychologiclly fall for it. So sad!

  • Boo for all the out-of-touch puritans.

    Yay for a company recognizing adults exist who will enjoy their clever, sex-positive puns.

  • Bonstie 2 years ago

    I thought this ad was offensive to everyone. What are we telling our youth in this ad?
    I will boycott Playtex products. Where are the women ad execs for Playtex? I haven’t researched the origins of this ad, but would bet money a man wrote this and is behind the entire campaign.

  • As a sex-positive, anti-Puritan feminist, I find these delightfully risque–although I reject the idea that vaginas need artificial “wipes” to be clean, plenty of peckers and knobs could have better hygiene.

  • This is outrageous. Where are the WOMEN who work for Playtex because this reeks of the “men out of touch” syndrome.

  • Kim eschbach 2 years ago

    Very bad shame on you i will never buy another playtex item of any kind again

  • disqus_yZwYRHi7FP 2 years ago

    It’s not “it’s”, it’s “its”.

  • Lori Feeney 2 years ago

    These are terrible! Hattieinheels’ comments below pretty much cover the range of REASONS why they’re terrible, but I’ll repeat: tasteless, juvenile, insulting. Someone should get fired over this.

  • And the fact that “feminine hygiene” wipes and douches are actually unhealthy and create pH imbalances (and other icky issues) seems to be lost on them as well. YAY MONEY.

  • James Lee Findley 2 years ago

    Well, the name is “Playtex” . Perhaps the text is meant “Playfully”. No they have terrible products and terrible ads!

  • Deborah Mayers 2 years ago

    What age group are these ads aimed at? It seems to me they would only be
    funny to teenage boys. Teenage girls would not need this product, so it
    seems really crappy to try to be shaming a young girl about how “clean”
    her genitals are. Maybe you think grown women are stupid and would
    actually think this is funny…or maybe it is just one more giant
    company participating in the dumbing down of our citizenry.
    Playtex, I have too much self esteem to be shamed about my lady parts, I
    am not “worried” about finding wood and I do not appreciate you
    treating me or women in general like smelly idiots.
    I will now go out of my way to not buy your products.

  • Leave it to men.. to be as insulting as they can be, IF a woman had a hand in these ads then shame on you..

    • “Men” aren’t really the issue in this case. Marketing is, and their marketing teams include men AND women. The problem is that these ARE amusing, if juvenile. They think it will sell. And the sad fact is that it likely will, and to a younger demographic, girls who want to impress boys. The fact that they don’t NEED these things at a young age (no one does, really. Most feminine hygiene wipes and inserts are actually -bad- for you) doesn’t matter. Marketing works, or marketing execs wouldn’t make a ton of money. As inappropriate as this is, a lot of highly paid people, skilled in their “craft”, decided it will work. And, for certain demographics, it will. *smh*

  • soobird 2 years ago

    Unbelievably offensive! I suggest an immediate boycott.

  • These need to be Amazon bombed like now. Wish I were clever enough.

  • hattieinheels 2 years ago

    Terrible, tasteless, juvenile, insulting.

  • LorreS 2 years ago

    I am gobsmacked – these are horrible. Fire this ad team immediately. This is the opinion of all the women I know who have seen these images.

  • oops, is THEIR ad company full of idiots?

  • Are they idiots at Playtex? Is there ad company full of idiots?

  • ChristopherDMitchell 2 years ago

    OK. Please tell me this is a joke, although April is still far away.